The foundation of Intertorf Hungary Kft was completed by private individuals in 2006, with the initial aim of importing peat pallets and briquettes from Russia and Ukraine. The primary market focus was Hungary and other European countries.
The business process did live up to the expectations of the founders, and well-functioning business relationships have been established with our trading partners, based on mutual trust and reliability.
In 2013 we began work in other areas of the market with our partners, which resulted in additional business opportunities. As Hungary didn’t become our main importer in the NGL and fuel trade, we have decided to establish a Slovakian and also a Swiss company, to put ourselves in a better position in the European energy market. Therefore, Intertorf Hungary Kft’s active participation in the energy trade was no longer necessary.
In 2016 another segment of market opportunities emerged, which focused specifically on the Hungarian market and on inland trading. As a result, the active operation of Intertorf Hungary Kft restarted in the country.


Quality and Predictability

Our company’s primary contracting parties are majority state-owned and wholly state-owned large firms; thus, we aren’t registered as traders amongst these firms. The advantage of this is that we can obtain more favorable prices from the group, additionally, we have no maximized monthly or yearly quota. The trading group partners always deliver the quantities ordered by us.
Based on our performance, our existing and future partners shall have confidence that their orders and other types of requests will be complied with in a timely manner.
We are willing to sign up for a one-year or more contract, with continuous delivery with our partners, should the continuous flow of the necessary materials be needed. Spot orders are also welcome.

Delivery opportunities

We are in day-to-day contact with large Hungarian and international logistics companies, and we are also able to use some of the major partner firms’ own distribution services, in case of significant orders needed to be delivered via railway, for instance.
We deliver our products using trucks and railways.


Intertorf Hungary Kft’s trading activities have significantly grown in recent years, and the company’s leadership has established a growing presence in both the Hungarian and the European markets.
The combined industry experience of our employees is also a convincing assurance that this enterprise is able to provide quality products at a favorable price along with exceptional service quality.